Astrological Insights for September – Ashley Tracey

We are thrilled to reconnect with our dear friend Ashley Tracey, who generously shared her invaluable astrological insights for September and we are delighted to share these revelations with our audience. 

1. As we approach the upcoming Mercury Retrograde, what areas of our lives should we be particularly mindful of, and are there any strategies we can adopt to navigate its potential effects smoothly?

Mercury Retrograde is a purposeful transit, it is about going inward for answers instead of seeking external validation. Yes, you can expect technology glitches but you can also gain clarity from within. This retrograde is happening in the sign of Virgo, the natural editor of the zodiac, so be sure to edit your thoughts and how you speak to yourself and others.

2. In the context of the current astrological energies, what areas of self-discovery should we focus on during September to enhance our spiritual and emotional growth?

We will have the tail end of Venus Retrograde in Leo in addition to the Mercury Retrograde in Virgo this month, so it is a time to integrate both your mind and your heart. Explore how these can work together instead of against one another.  How often do you let fear lead over love? All are great journal prompts for the month ahead. 

3. How might the planetary movements in September impact our overall well-being and health? Are there any precautions we should consider? 

I would wait until after September 15th to make any major decisions or big purchases (especially electronic) if possible. After this date, we will be coming out of the retrograde energy I mentioned above which is more favorable for acting on something new. If you can’t wait, just be sure to double-check all agreements and be sure it aligns with what you truly want or need.

4. Could you please share some insights about the lucky days in September for some of the key zodiac signs? How might these specific days bring about positive energies or opportunities?”

My favorite astrological days of the month are September 4th, September 6th, September 8th, September 23rd, and September 25th.  On these days we have aspects in the cosmos that will feel supportive and expansive. Every zodiac sign will feel this in some area of their life and find a moment to celebrate. 

To learn more or book a private session with Ashley please visit Ashley Tracey | mind-body-soul-cosmos (@thewholisticsoul) • Instagram photos and videos



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