Creator of the Month – Inspiration Co

This month we have the honor of featuring the founders of The Inspiration Co, read on to learn more about their journey.

What inspired the founding team to establish a company centered on positivity and kindness? 

We believe having a positive outlook attracts positivity in your life. Kindness is one of the most genuine forms of compassion one person can show another. From our amazing staff to our corporate office, this is who we are, to the core. 

Was there a particular moment or event that catalyzed this decision? 

With so much negativity in the world, we wanted to give people something positive to look at in the form of a bracelet with a positive message. From schools, online bullying, to social media, TV and film, people see so much negative, why not add something positive to their wrist so they can look at that. It reminds people that they are amazing, talented, confident, strong individuals.

How do you choose the phrases for your engravings? 

We use our employees’ and customers’ suggestions to find our next messages.

Is there a process you follow to ensure they resonate with your intended audience and align with your mission? 

Yes, we meet and vote on the messages that resonate and align with our mission.

Can you share a story where your product significantly impacted someone’s life or mindset positively? 

Yes, we have so many daily. One of my personal moments with a customer was just last week. A customer reached out to me to let me know that the bracelet she bought 1 month ago for her daughter, who was going through a rough time in high school, really made a big difference in her daughter’s psyche. She said her daughter expressed how much it meant to her to receive it from her mom, because she knew her mom was listening to her, even when she didn’t want to talk about it. The message and stone type “You’re a diamond dear, they can’t break you” in Sunstone.

In what ways does your company engage with its community to spread your message of hope, kindness, and love beyond just the products you sell? 

Our company believes in Community outreach. We have given countless donations to organizations, schools, and churches. We provide fundraiser programs as well for anyone wanting to raise money for their cause. They use our store near them, we pick a day, then they notify people in their community, and they come out and shop. A percentage of sales goes directly back to the organization.

How does your company ensure that its operations and product creation process align with your core value of leaving the world better than you found it? 

We believe in leaving a place better than we found it. All our locations are built by our hands. All bracelets are made by hand as well. This alleviates unnecessary spending, unnecessary waste, which allows us to keep our prices in line with the core mission of changing the world, one wrist at a time. 

Your bio mentions rewiring general thought patterns to improve health, relationships, and finances. How does your company contribute to or support mental health advocacy? 

Yes, we believe that your thought patterns can dictate what happens in your life, whether positive or negative. Things will happen, both good and bad, but your reactions and thoughts to those events decide how your mindset will be. As a company, we have weekly meetings to discuss this, we do training and prayer together. Plus, our stores serve as a place of peace, safe place, prayer and kindness. 

What daily practices or company rituals do you have in place to keep your team motivated and focused on your mission? 

Just like any company, we have structure. We have our daily morning calls with all our managers, which resonates with all employees. We also have monthly all calls with all employees, via Zoom. It’s a way to keep our employees close to our core and to us. 

How has customer feedback influenced your product designs or company initiatives? 

Listening to our customers’ feedback has always been a part of who we are. Most of our positive changes in our designs have been brought about due to customer suggestions and reviews. From the functionality of the store to the design and wearability of the products.

Are there any new collections or projects in the pipeline that aim to further your mission of spreading positivity? 

We are always adding new collections, new store layouts. We’ve also found success in working with organizations, like our in-house fundraisers, to bring awareness to other causes.

What advice would you give to individuals or other companies looking to make a positive impact in their communities or industries? 

Be loyal to your customers. Have the upmost integrity and compassion when working with people. Listen more and talk less sometimes. Be the change you’re wanting in the world.



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