You Said, “YES!” Well, now what?

Congratulations to you both! A wedding!! There is so much to consider. At Dutch & Deckle, we know the importance of all those details and we created our stunning new personalized wedding planner to guide you through all of the key items. However, before you dive into the deep end of the planning, we’d like to share a few thoughts on how to make the most of that time right after your proposal. Below you’ll find a short list of ten important things to think about that fall outside of the essential details of planning a wedding. If you’ve just become engaged we think spending a few moments contemplating these could help make for a smoother and more enjoyable time creating your perfect day. This is a busy time in your life that can at times be a bit stressful, but most importantly you should find the time to be joyful and fun!

1. Stop and Revel in the Moment with your Chosen One

You’ve found your perfect match! Take a moment and let this feeling settle in. Be mindful of your emotions and try to keep that feeling in your heart so you can return to it throughout the planning process and your marriage.

2. Spread the News–but don’t post yet!

Call your parents, your sister, your brother, your grandparents, your aunts, your best friends, and anyone else that really should find out about your big news in the traditional manner. You certainly don’t want to run the risk of someone you love feeling like they have been overlooked. So plan to reach out personally to all of the key friends and family members.

3. Now Post that Pic!

Are you ready to let the world know? Are you gorgeous? Are your hands gorgeous? You and your left hand are the stars of the show for the next few months. A manicure wouldn’t go amiss before the big post… Have fun with the post as you share this wonderful news!

4. Make Certain your Precious Ring is Safe

Please don’t forget to protect your ring! Your engagement ring is a big investment and it’s a good idea to make certain that it’s properly sized so that it can’t slip off. And, even though you’re unlikely to break it, or be a victim of a Kardashian Parisian-style theft, it’s a good idea to add it to your home or renter’s insurance just to be on the safe side.

5. What’s your Vision?

So, before you set in stone any plans, take some time and start looking at blogs, magazines, Pinterest, etc. Create a vision board–by the way, we’ve got great spots for that in our planner: pages for your inspiration on wedding style, colors, hair and make-up, the cake, and flowers, plus extra pockets in the back for snippets of fabric, or magazines. Creating a clear concept in your mind of the overall picture of what you would like your wedding to be before you commit to decisions will ensure that you and your partner will have the wedding of your dreams. There are countless choices in a myriad of styles for every aspect of your wedding. A vision board will keep you from getting distracted and allow you to focus on making this day exceptional.

6. Consider a Wedding Expo

Visiting a wedding expo early in the planning process can be a fun way to gather inspiration for your day. An Expo has the benefit of allowing you to see multiple vendors in one place and spot the latest trends in the wedding industry. Often, vendors will offer freebies and discounts to attendees and it might be worthwhile to take a day and see everything they have to offer. If you’re having a hard time imagining how the things you see online might work, an expo will allow you the opportunity to see options in person and will perhaps generate some inspiration

7. Narrow the Date or Season

Now that you’ve started to think about your overall vision for your day–it is time to select your date.We have extensive guidance to offer our couples in our ultimate wedding planner, however, one nice thing to keep in mind is how much flexibility couples have these days. If budget is a concern, off-season or mid-week weddings could even be a wonderful option to consider! Size of the wedding, guest list, travel requirements, weather, and style of the ceremony and reception all will play a role. Refer back to your vision board as you give this some thought.

8. Start Considering a Budget Range

In the Dutch & Deckle wedding planner each detail of the budget is addressed plus we offer a digital compliment where all of the worksheets are downloadable for excellent ease of use. If money is no object, plunge ahead, but for those who need to make some financial decisions, remember communication is key! Will your parents be helping? This is a conversation each person should have privately with their own parents so no one is put on the spot or in an uncomfortable position. Talk to your partner about their comfort level with the overall wedding spend. It is critical that both partners are aligned on the wedding budget specifics.

9. Stop and Breathe

A wedding can become a little overwhelming to think about! Don’t forget to take some self-care moments for each of you in the midst of planning and coping with your regular daily lives. Get a massage together, enjoy a picnic in the park, or just get away for the day. We assure you, you’re not imagining it–planning a wedding can be a lot so don’t forget to pause and remember, “It will all be worth it in the end!”

10. Who Will Do the Heavy Lifting?

Now that you have a general idea of the shape of your wedding, consider how much help you’ll really need to execute your special day and how much you’ll be able to rely on other people. Be kind to yourself while being realistic about the time, energy, and skills you have to plan and how much planning you’re comfortable taking on. Whether you need or want a wedding coordinator is a personal decision but one can be immensely helpful if you are having trouble deciding on a vision, dealing with conflicting opinions between yourselves or your families, are unsure of your planning skills, or simply need a guiding hand in the design and execution of your beautiful day. However, beautiful weddings happen all the time without the use of a wedding coordinator. Should you choose to plan your own or use a coordinator, the Dutch & Deckle ultimate wedding planner is an invaluable tool to ensure you’ve thought of all the details, remembered all etiquette, and our trackers are sure to keep you on time and on budget.

Finally, Remember to Celebrate!!!

Raise a glass and let the Dutch & Deckle team be among the first to celebrate you! We wish you all the happiness in the world now and going forward in your new life together.


The Dutch & Deckle Team

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