How to Create a Vision Board in Your Planner? 

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a visual representation of one’s goals, aspirations, and dreams. It is typically a collage of images, words, and other visual elements that collectively illustrate the things a person wants to achieve or manifiest in their life. The purpose of a vision board is to serve as a powerful tool for visualization and goal setting.

What Can They Include?

The content of the vision board can include a variety of areas such as career goals, personal development, relationships, travel, health and more.

Don’t limit yourselves. From the perfect house to travel goals, your dream car, and even the ideal partner. Each cutout is a piece of your dream life.

How to Make It?

Paste, cut, draw—whatever you want! Create a collage that makes you smile every time you see it. Update it as your goals evolve.

The vision board is your VIP pass to the life you desire. Make it a ritual, feel it! Each image reminds you that you are on the path to conquer your dreams.

How Does It Work?

Thinking big, visualizing success, and sending positive vibes to yourself and the universe, everything around you gets to work to bring you wonderful experiences.

The universe is like a giant magnet, attracting the energy you emit. If you want abundance, emit an abundance of energy. If you seek love, send it first.

Parts of a Vision Board

Creative Formats

A vision board has no limits. It can be as unique as you are. From classic cardboard to versatile corkboards or a sheet of paper in any size you prefer. The choice is yours. Add your special photos and images to your planner to have with you at all times.

The board size depends on your dreams and the number of elements you want to add. Your vision board is your creative space. Without strict rules, just your unique vision of success.

Steps to Make Your Vision Board

Step 1: Place Your Board in Position and Location

Find a prominent place; you need to see it often to keep that inspiration alive.

Step 2: Define Your Goals with Passion

If you want more money, visualize it! A house, a job, there are no limits. Don’t be afraid to dream big. The board is your canvas to view your aspirations.

Inspiring Examples

Wealth: A picture of you with bills or a scene of abundance.

Health and Fitness: Images of the figure you desire or healthy scenes.

Social Success: People surrounded by friends or admirers.

Don’t skimp on your desires; ask without fear and visualize what you long for. The written version of the board is like a narrated dream. Detail how you want your life to be, whether as a captivating story or a compelling list.


The list should have four statements:

  1. Self: Reflecting Change

Personal Goal: A trait I want to change to enhance my best version.

Maybe be more assertive, patient, or focus on self-care.

  1. Family: Strengthening Bonds

Family Relationship: Establishing a stronger connection with my loved ones. It’s time for more communication, understanding, or quality time with family.

  1. Partner: Compatibility

Ideal Partner or Improvement in Current Relationship: Visualize the main qualities of my partner or how to improve the current relationship. Emotional connection, mutual support, or shared goals.

  1. Work: Career Dreams or Professional Improvement

Dream Job or Professional Improvement: Imagining the job of my dreams or transforming my current job into something perfect. Passion, purpose, or an ideal work environment.

Be specific in each statement. Visualize details, sensations, and concrete situations. Remember, this list is your compass to a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

Powerful Visualization

Every phrase you say from your list must become a reality in your mind. Imagine every detail, feel the emotions, and visualize success. It’s your time to imagine major changes in your life.

Create a 40-day Calendar

Mark each day on your calendar. Changes may manifest sooner, but the 40-day commitment reinforces your transformation. Each mark is a step toward your new reality.

Keep an open mind. This process may feel different at first, but consistency is key. Trust the process and yourself. This nightly ritual is your journey to a stronger and more positive version of yourself.

Live Your Board

Your vision board is your visual journey to success. Bring your goals to life, visualize with passion, and don’t be afraid to ask big. The Law of Attraction is like the art of sending cosmic messages.

Maintain a positive mindset, and the universe will unfold incredible opportunities for you.



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