Setting The Course For 2022

Just the phrase “setting the course” sounds so confident and self-assured! “Yes,” you might say to yourself, “I will captain this ship into a new year of success!” But what does success look like for you? The past year was certainly rough sailing on uncharted waters for most of us. So, maybe success feels like just staying healthy, maybe it’s a change of career, and maybe it’s starting a whole new company! (It was for us!) Over the years I have found that reflecting on where I’ve been is a good way to see where I need to go. That’s one thing about a paper planner–they work not just as a list of zoom meetings and reminders to pick up dog food, they are a piece of your history. And, there is a lot to learn from your history! Look over your last year (with no judgment!) and you may be surprised how clearly some goals come into focus.

At Dutch and Deckle, we understand that planning and achieving goals is incredibly personal. Some people find the granularity of days broken into half-hour increments a life-saver, for others, it would be overwhelming. They might prefer to have an overview of the week. Some people find quotes inspiring, others a vision board. Some people rely on the stars to chart their course, others rely on monthly goals and intentions. We wanted to include everyone on their journey and we wanted to make that journey just a little more beautiful.

So, how do you craft a planner with us that fits your needs for this coming year? Well, we’ve tried to make this as easy as possible for you. When you go to Dutch & Deckle click on the “Look Inside” button. We made this because we realize that there are a lot of choices available and we wanted you to see exactly what the choices look like.

We understand that having so many options to choose from can be a lot of decisions at once. As you scroll through our new “Look Inside” feature, take your time, think about how you work and what you find inspiring. We want you to make a planner that will make you smile every day when you pick it up. Start thinking about quotes or images you find motivating. And, as always, we are here if you have any questions.

Our goal is a planner that is not only beautiful and inspiring but works effectively for you. A planner that will allow you to achieve more in the future and is a lovely artifact of your past. So, as you set your course for the new year, reflect on the past year and consider how we can help you find your goals and achieve them, because as Kierkegaard noted, “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forward.”

Cheers to Good Sailing in 2022!



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